Our Team


photo (3)Event Logistics is run and coordinated by Liz Pain, the principal director of Event Logistics t/as Lx Mech Hire. Liz has over 35 years of indoor and outdoor event experience ranging from event management, technical direction, production management, risk assessments, stage management, lighting design and operation, small scale sound operation and lecturing. Liz is road closure and logistics expert.


Penny McDonald has over 27 years in the theatrical and event industry. Her basic training was as a performer with Death Defying Theatre, following a residency with Melbourne Workers Theatre as Artistic Director, Penny has worked with Event Logistics since its conception as production manager and stage manager.

 Brian Vincent


Brian Vincent has been with Event Logistics since its inception as Production Manager and Stage Manager.

He has been involved with all of the events that Events Logistics has completed these last 21 years and is an invaluable resource. He is known as ‘Mr Fix It’ on our events and makes things happen.



Event Logistics has over 150 casual crew members who are ready to jump into the work of putting together fabulous events. Some of our casual crew members have been involved with Event Logistics since it’s inception.